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5320 Chisel Plow

Model 5320 is a scaled-down brother to
Model 5520 that features 5 chisel shanks on
15-inch spacing for full-width coverage
on tractors with 60-inch wheel spacing.
Chisel plows provide deep primary tillage with mixing of topsoil. Pulls easier than
moldboard plows. Allow 12-15 HP per shank. Toolbar can also be used for Disk
Bedder (add a MultiTool Kit).

Open-Center Toolbars

Model 2370 features an open-center hitch
for precise placement of tillage attachments.
No conflict with hitch parts to ease set-up
for different jobs. A two-row ridge cultivator
is shown above. Also use furrowers for a
one- or two-row ridger. More attachments
available for cultivators, bed shapers or plastic lifters.
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3090 Sub Soiler

Model 2409 is a single-shank sub-soiler for tractors up to 60 HP. Shank length allows penetration up to 18".

Rolling Bed Former

Model 2261 Disk Bedder with a Double Rolling Basket. With reduced tillage practices, rolling baskets can crumble soil or handle more residue as beds are formed. Ideal for bedding after cover crops. Adjust disk depth to set bed height.
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Heavy Duty Mulch Layer

Model 4133-T is heavy-duty for rugged high-acre service. 2-1/2" square toolbars. 4-bolt wheel hubs. Front open-center 3-bar frame is most versatile to add drip tape applicators, fertilizer applicators and/or fumigation applicators. Tillage shanks behind tractor tires. Model 4233-T features a double roll carriage.
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Cultivate Between
Plastic Mulch Rows

Equip a Toolbar Cultivator with Cultivator Attachment Pkg #90 to lightly till the furrows or wheel track area between mulch rows. The package includes ripper shanks to loosen wheel compaction and spider gangs to cultivate sprouting weeds as close as possible to the mulch top.
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8400 Bed Cultivator

The 8400 Series Bed Shaper / Cultivators can be configured for any number of bed rows. Shown are furrow shanks to loosen furrows and shaper pan assemblies to rebuild the bed sides. Many types of attachments can be installed on the front toolbars for row crop cultivation.
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Drip Tape Applicators

Install any number of Drip Tape Applicators on a toolbar. Any row spacing. Spring-loaded linkages protect each sub-surface shoe. Optional gauge wheels on each shoe allows each unit to follow ground contour.
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Front 3-Point Hitches
for Smaller Tractors

3000 Series Front 3-Point Hitches are available for many small-farm tractors. Mount cultivators, scraper blades, tanks
and pallet/bale forks on front for better
control and productivity.
Shown is Category-2 Model 3220B for
tractors up to 65 HP. Category-1 and larger
Category-2 models are available.
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Disk Bedder, Hydraulic Fold

Model 8860 Disk Bedder is also available
with a hydraulic-fold frame. Narrower
transport width. The flexing frame on four
gauge wheels also follows ground contour.
Third toolbar allows practical, super-strong
hinge design and precise gang placement.
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Multi-Tool Kit

One toolbar. Two machines. Chisel plow soil then remove shanks and form beds with disk gangs. Ideal for smaller farms to mechanize when there is more time and less budget for equipment investment.
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Wheel Puncher
For Garlic, Onions

Equip bed shapers with multiple dry wheels to mark plant locations as raised bed is formed. Shown set-up for garlic and onions but arrange wheels for any crop. Use any number of wheels. Minimum 4" row spacing. Any plant spacing possible. Model 2006-PB Dry Wheel Puncher is shown. 

Heavy Duty Disk Bedder

Model 4361 is the heavy-duty brother to Model 2361, featuring heavier components for high-HP service. Category-2 hitch, 4x4 toolbar, 24" disk blades on 6" wide bearing housing. 80 HP rating. Build beds up to 12" high.

Front Hitches for Deere

Our line of 3000 Series Front 3-Point Hitches continues on the 7000 Series John Deere Tractors. This is a Category 3N/2 hitch with 170 HP rating & 7800 lb lift.
Many models available for 25-400 HP tractors.
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Ripper Shank & Tape Guide

A ripper point leads a drip tape applicator for deep tape placement below tillage depth or sub-surface placement in harder ground. The 1-1/4 x 3 shank is typically mounted on single 4" square, single 3" square, double 2-1/2" square or double 2" square toolbar(s). Various mounting hardware available. Maximum 12" deep tape placement.

3-Row Mulch Layer

Model 6130 is a 3-row Model 2133. Intended
for mid-size growers expanding past 1-row
equipment. Each layer unit hinges to follow
ground contour. Standard equipment
includes single roll carriages and covering
disks. Double roll carriage, rear gauge
wheels (shown) and tape applicators
(shown) are optional.
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