Full line of tillage
attachments for
bed tops, bed sides
& furrows

Excellent guidance
system for precision

Fully adjustable to
match your system

Open-center hitch allows precise placement & adjustment
of tillage tools

Row crop cultivation on raised beds
    This is a Toolbar Cultivator set-up for raised beds. Tillage
attachments are arranged on bed tops, bed sides and in
furrows. Cultivation of any kind tends to degrade bed
corners so furrow shanks and furrow wings are needed to
loosen soil and rebuild bed sides as you cultivate. 
    Models 2370 and 4370 feature an open-center hitch to
freely place and adjust tillage attachments between rows to
match your bed size and row system. Many attachments are
available as needed to effectively cultivate many different
crops in early to late stages of growth. The above photo is a
second cultivation of sweet corn.
    Like Row Crop Bed Shapers, these are precision
cultivators. Raised bed furrows are an excellent guidance
system for close cultivation. Furrowing attachments and/or
gauge wheels keep the toolbar frame centered on the bed.
    This versatile toolbar can also be used for other jobs.
Equip with a shaper pan to form new beds or set-up a mulch
lifter. This is useful on small farms with growing equipment