Bed shaper with S-tine attachments
for bed tillage. Number of tines
needed depends on bed top width.
Tine spacing is usually 5 or 6-inches
Order separately. Delete shaping
disks, if preferred.


Specialty attachments
Bed tillage
    Perform secondary tillage with bed shapers to finish primary beds or cultivate and re-shape beds already made. This reduces overall tillage work and allows early bed shaping and early planting. Also rework crusty bed tops or kill starting weeds.
    Featured tillage attachments are S-tines. Remove shaping disks. Several shovel (or sweep) sizes and types are available for soil penetration and/or weed control.
Choosing bed shaper models (or)
"I need two bed shapers?"
    One bed shaper can form primary beds with shaping disks installed then later finish the beds with S-tines installed. Operators that don't have time to remove and add components have different bed shapers to perform each job. Either way, this equipment quickly pays for itself since much less time and energy is spent on conventional field tillage. There can also be no need for some types of conventional field equipment, which allows the investment into multiple bed shapers. Operators with permanent beds essentially have raised bed equipment geared to replace conventional equipment.
    Primary bedding with the 2121-D or 4321-D requires soil to be more-tilled with less residue for it to pass through the shaper pan. It can be set-up to for beds a couple of inches higher to allow for settling (beds are not yet firmed since soil is not fully tilled). Plus, leveling off the top of the primary bed exposes a fine seedbed with the finishing bed shaper.
    Model 2161 Disk Bedder was originally designed for primary bedding in rougher or wetter field conditions after primary tillage or after harvest. There's no shaper pan and the large disk gangs work best with field residue.
    Feel free to gradually add two-step bedding to your operation. There is no need for a large investment before methods and machinery prove themselves on your farm.