Beet knife
Angled front gently slices through soil beside small plants. One-sided sweep can reach under vines. Minimal soil disturbance around plants. Ideal for first cultivation. Mount on a Square Shank Asby.
Crescent hoe
Like a Beet Knife but curved in shape. Use on the side of a raised bed but is light-duty compared to a Side Knife. Mount on a Square Shank Asby.
(left side of photo)
This is a 1 x 3 Flat Shank Asby with Furrow Wings and a Flat-Mount Sweep. Form new furrows or cultivate and re-form existing furrows.
Side knife
(right side of photo)
This is like a Crescent Hoe but heavy-duty, typically mounted on a 1 x 2-1/2 Flat Shank Asby. Mount in front of the furrower.
Ripper Shank
Another 1 x 3 Flat Shank Asby with a replaceable point to rip through compaction from wheel traffic or standing water. The use of a separate sub-soiler may be more practical. In-row ripping is also possible before planting for deeper fracture.
Hilling disk /
     Cultivating disk

14" and 16" disks available. The 14" disk with 1-1/4 round shank is a common spec. The 16" disk with 1-1/2 round shank has heavier bearings. Heavy-duty 16" and 18" disks also available with 4-bolt ag hubs. Full line of clamps.
Spider gang
Cultivate the surface to tear out small weeds. Adjust angle to throw some soil toward or away from the row. 3, 4 and 5-wheel units available.
Row spider
The 2-wheel spider gang is mounted on a 1-1/2" round shank. It's uniquely compact and adjustable to place by the row. Gentle cultivation with sprouting weeds and/or in crusty soil.