Model 2541-R

l  Open-center hitch with front 3x3 toolbar
l  Welded 5-bar toolbar frame / 2x2 toolbars
l  Two furrow shanks w/ shear-bolt safety
l  Variety of tillage attachments
l  Row crop shields
l  Sectional shaper pan assembly / customize
 bed size and row spacing

l  Optional inter-row pans
l  Optional shaping disks to form new beds
l  Optional shaper pan poly lining

2-Year warranty on workmanship & materials

    Also available is heavy-duty Model 4541-R
with category-2 hitch for 45-70 HP tractors.

Row crop bed shaper
    Model 2541-R combines the
features of bed shapers and row
crop cultivators. This is highly
versatile for bed maintenence as
well as initial bed forming.
    The Category-1 hitch has a 45 HP rating and intended to use on 35-45 HP tractors.
    The heavy-wall 3x3 toolbar on
front support the toolbar frame on
the ends. This open-center design
keeps toolbar space free to install
and adjust tillage attachments as
    The rugged shaper pan assembly can be fitted with sectional shaper pans of all sizes to match your bed
and row system. Row crop shields
are standard equipment. Row gaps are adjustable for crop growth (below).

Additional shaper pans can fill in
row gaps (below) to form new beds.  Crop shields are removed.