Model 2370-84
with Attachment Pkg #55 to cultivate one row on
raised beds. Attachment Package #56 includes
two sets of row crop shields

Model 2360-84
with Attachment Pkg #19, which features S-tines
and side knives to cultivate stale beds

Model 2370-84

with Attachment Pkg #90 to culivate between rows
of plastic mulch


Toolbar cultivator
for raised beds

    Apply basic row cultivating techniques to raised beds. Till bed tops, bed sides and re-establish furrows all at once.
    Equip our Toolbar Cultivators with beet knives, S-tines, spider gangs or other hardware for early to late cultivating jobs for nearly any crop. Furrow shanks and furrow wings are essential on raised beds to loosen wheel compaction and re-build the side of beds.
    Model 2360 and 2370 include a hitch, toolbar and gauge wheels. For convenience, Attachment Packages are offered with common sets of tillage attachments. Any Package can be changed as needed to customize the cultivator for your bed and row configuration.
    Model 2360 features a rugged A-frame hitch. Model 2370 features a versatile open-center hitch. Both are category-1 for tractors up to 45 HP. Additional models feature a 4-bar frame. Heavy-duty Category-2 models are also available. Click here for a full description of Toolbar Cultivators