Much of our equipment features full width toolbars. Machines are easier to manufacture, assemble, adjust and change with the many attachments that can be bolted to the toolbar. Toolbars are like a "backbone" for strength and durability for the entire machine.
    The many toolbars seen on our equipment are available separately. Use our toolbars for your own custom applications. Use with several Multi-Tool Kits to be able to assemble several machines. The toolbar hitches and toolbars listed on the following pages are most often requested. Ask about any others.

Single and double toolbars

Welded toolbar frames

Many toolbar sizes

Various hitch designs
for a choice of function or pric

21232 Toolbar Hitch for double 2"square toolbars, 6" toolbar spacing
Conventional type hitch design
Category-1 (7/8" lower pins, 3/4" top pin)
27" crossbar width, adjustable for 32-1/2"
18" mast height

16588 Toolbar, 2sq x 72 x 3/16wall
18074 Toolbar, 2sq x 74 x 3/16wall
16992 Toolbar, 2sq x 84 x 3/16wall
15829 Toolbar, 2sq x 84 x 1/4wall
18086 Toolbar, 2sq x 86 x 1/4wall