Small-Scale Tillage Equipment
Equipment scaled for gardening can achieve the same results as large-farm equipment. Most tractors in the Garden Series HP range are capable of tilling the seedbed layer of soil, up to about four inches deep, with secondary tillage  equipment like disks and cultivators. Equipment choices are limited for deeper tillage but a few tools make it possible for deeper aeration, fracturing root zones or relieving compaction. Some primary tillage is possible with 20 to 25 HP tractors. Primary tillage is deeper tillage below the the seed bed layer, which is performed before seconary tillage as deep as 10 to 12 inches deep. With the purpose of fracturing the soil for more aeration, drainage and root growth. We offer the 1220 2-shank Chisel Plow, and the 1009 1-shank Ripper as basic primary tillage equipment.