Available for many tractors
    Install on the newest tractors or on most older tractors since about 1960. Big. Small. Front PTO. FWD. Front Suspension. 2WD. High-Clearance. Mudder. Utility. Row Crop. 4WD. Track. Articulated. Orchard. Vineyard. Agricultural. Municipal. Landscaping. Light-Industrial. Industrial.

Rugged with "plenty of iron"
    Hitch strength and durability are second to none. Buyers are routinely impressed with ruggedness, weight, and ease to use with front-mount equipment of all kinds.

Highest value
at the right price
    Why buy an overpriced competi-tor and get less? Most hitches can be re-installed on a new or different tractor. Adjustable lift arms and lift range. More versatility. Superior quality. Superior value.