INCLUDES: Front hitches are complete and pre-assembled with lift cylinder(s) and top link. Mounting frames are complete with all necessary parts and hardware to install hitch, unless noted otherwise, on given tractor models and use pre-existing holes in tractor frame, unless noted otherwise. Designated front hitches include hitches designed specifically for the given tractor models and all parts and hardware to install are included.

HYDRAULIC CONNECTIONS: For any hitch, hose(s) and coupler(s) are usually obtained locally to connect lift cylinder(s) to one tractor outlet. Use a single hose for lift pressure only or use two hoses for lift and down pressure. Hitches with two lift cylinders include hydraulic fittings and hoses up to the tee for lift pressure only. Smaller hitches with one lift cylinder include hydraulic fittings for lift pressure only. Additional fittings and hoses for down pressure are available separately.