Model 2113

Model 2113-T

Model 4113-T
Heavy duty
row cover layer.

    The standard Model 2113 lays plastic up to 6-ft wide. Cover width and all components fully adjust. Clearance under toolbar is 17", which is more than under the drawbar support of most tractors. A Specialty Package is available for 25" clearance. Wider toolbar frames are also available for 7 or 8-ft material - or more?

    Burying row cover outside of buried mulch edges may mean working in the wheel track. Model 2113-T includes a heavier hitch tillage shanks to relieve wheel compaction and loosen soil. Opening disks and covering disks work right without side-shifting. 45 HP rating.
    The heavy hitch and tillage shanks can be added to Model 2113 at a later time, if needed.
Heavy-duty row cover layer
    There is some demand for a heavy-duty row cover layer since field conditions may be tough and planning may favor "force" over "finesse". If you want heavy iron for a gentle job, this is it.