Models for all growers

Practical and
power friendly

Toolbar frame ideal
for rugged strength
and versatility

Adaptable to local
tillage practices

Superior shaping & firming action

Friendly in fields with stones

Comprehensive surface drainage and moisture control solutions

Superior equipment & know-how
    Here are bed shapers everyone can use. Superior shaping action properly fills and firms beds with superior control. Straight, evenly-spaced rows. No hard pulling. Minimal soil build-up in front of the shaper pan.
    Needed tractor power primarily depends on bed height. For example, nearly any field tractor with a 3-point hitch can form a 4-inch high bed. Look to use at least 35 HP for a 6-inch bed and at least 50 HP for an 8-inch bed. All models are heavy-built for their Horsepower rating.
    Along with rugged, versatile, user-friendly equipment, we provide know-how to allow growers in all regions to take advantage of raised beds to grow better crops. Buckeye Bed Shapers intelligently adapt to the local environment, local soil types and local tillage practices.