"Junior" Model 1721-D

l  For 3" to 6" bed height
l  Adjustable 24" to 48" bed top
          (maximum bed top can depend on bed height)
l  Flat 60" shaper pan
l  Two furrow shanks
l  Two 14" shaping disks
l  Optional shaper pan poly lining
l  Optional crowned 60" shaper pan
l  Optional row markers
l  Drip tape application attachments available
l  Narrow frames & pans avail for hoop houses

2-Year warranty on workmanship & materials

35 HP bedder
- up to 6" bed height
   "Junior" Model 1721-D is intended for smaller Category-1 tractors. The price is attractive for smaller farms or plots. Features a lower frame and narrower pan to better match compact tractors. Rated at 35 HP.
   About any tractor with a Category-1 3-point hitch and suitable for field work can form a 4" bed. Consider at least 35 HP for a 6" bed.
    Model 1321-ND features an extra-narrow frame for "hoop house" or indoor farming.