Model 4531-D

 For 3" to 10" bed height
l  Adjustable 24" to 56" bed top
          (maximum bed top can depend on bed height)
l  Flat 72" shaper pan
l  Two furrow shanks w/ shear-bolt safety
l  Two 16" shaping disks w/ heavy-duty
            tapered bearing hubs
l  Optional shaper pan poly lining
l  Optional crowned 72" shaper pan
l  Optional row markers
l  Drip tape application attachments available

2-Year warranty on workmanship & materials

80 HP Bed Shaper
- up to 10" bed height

    Model 4531-D is a heavy-duty Category-2 bedder. Built on larger 2-1/2" square toolbars, bigger growers will appreciate the extra iron for more acres and more tractor power.
    Shaping disks feature tapered bearing hubs. Move a lot of soil into beds up to 10" high. These are also most durable if soil condition is less than ideal.
    80 HP rating. Use at least 50 HP for an 8" bed height and at least 60 HP for 10" bed height.