Superior transplanters
               for particular growers
"No grower too big or too small"
    Water wheel planters are popular and most practical to
plant cells (transplants, plugs, bare root, etc) through plastic
mulch. The steel water wheel gently rolls on top of plastic
mulch and features add-on steel punches to punch through
the plastic, form a hole and deliver water through the drain
hole in the water wheel. Planting personnel, seated on back,
place plants in the ground by hand. Efficiency allows planting
speeds comparable to mechanical transplanters - at a very
attractive price.
    Growers have also found water wheels can be better than
mechanical transplanters on bare ground (no plastic mulch).
The "hand touch" makes the difference. No need for
additional labor to walk behind the planter.
    Also plant seeds by hand, which is handy for smaller
growers or to avoid the considerable expense of seed
planters that plant through plastic mulch.

    This is the planter line
with no limitations. Row
spacing and plant
spacing is easily
changeable. Easily add,
remove and change
plant punch sizes on the
water wheel. Quickly
accommodate different
cell sizes or different soil
    The adjustable frame
allows gauge wheel
adjustment for any
mulch width, any bed
width, any furrow width
and any row spacing.
This accommodates
large and small tractors,
wider mulch for more
weed control or more
fruit protection, narrow
furrows, a guidance
system or close row
spacing without driving
on the plastic.
    Our planters will
match your system and
most models are
expandable to grow
with your operation.