Model 4626

250 gallon planter
    Model 4626 is the biggest 1-bed water wheel planter on the market today. We show it first since it's impressive.
    This is an expanded version of Model 4416 with 8-ft racks, twin tanks for total 250-gal water capacity and 6-bolt gauge wheels.
    For most growers, rows may not be long enough to justify this water capacity. Larger growers make this investment to plant another round or two without reloading.

shown with optional six racks and four seats

2-Year warranty on workmanship & materials

l  32-tray capacity
l  1 to 4 water wheels
l  2 seats
l  Optional stacking racks
      for 42 trays
l  Optional 3 or 4 seats,
      featuring rear riding

l  250 gallon tank (twin)
l  6-bolt gauge wheel hubs
l  1-1/2" spindles
l  60" - 84" gauge wheel
l  4x4 toolbars
l  Category-2 hitch