General Features
-- Low-profile tanks
      Full field view from tractor seat
      Easily and safely reach fill caps from the ground
      Tanks fully drain for easy wash-out
      Side water valve
      Quick-fill valve available
      Safe for slopes and hillside operation
      Planters available without tank and plumbing for customized applications
-- Adjustable frame / adjustable gauge wheel spacing
      Properly align gauge wheels behind tractor wheels, in bed furrows
      Allows use of wider mulch, narrow furrows or guidance system
      38" to 84" gauge wheel adjustment (depending on model), up to 96" available
-- Fully adjustable racks and seats
      Maximize comfort and efficiency
      Additional seating available for up to four rows or for speed-planting
-- Fully adjustable for raised beds or plastic mulch
-- User-friendly water wheels

      Standard sizes for common plant spacings / custom sizes available
      Superior NO-SLIP timing between multiple wheels
      Stainless steel water wheel shaft
      Quick clips for easy water wheel shaft removal and installation
      "Junior" model features low-cost slide-thru shaft
      Optional UHMW poly covers / superior installation
-- Changeable plant punches
      Use different plant punch sizes on same water wheel(s)
      Change plant spacing on same water wheel(s)
      Quickly adaptable to different cell sizes and different soil conditions
-- Maximum 36" row spacing
      Maximum 48" available
      Planter frame easily adaptable for ANY row spacing
      ANY row spacing possible on 3-bed model
-- User-friendly
      Easy-reach on-off valve and flow valve
      Open frame in back to access water wheels
-- Rugged construction
      Heavy 3x3 toolbars (Models 1716, 2216) and 4x4 toolbars (Models 4416, 4626)
      Gauge wheels are sized to carry full weight of planter during operation
      Galvanized plant racks
-- Modular design for easy customization
      Add or remove water wheels and plumbing any time
      Expandable seating / expandable plant racks
      Expandable water capacity (some models)
      Bolt-together design - one of our most popular comments of appreciation
-- 3-point hitch mounted
      Models for large and small tractors
-- Progressive applications
      Install drip irrigation tape applicators on water wheel planters
      Use planter racks and seats as a trailer to pick and pack at harvest time