Superior shaping action
    Shaping disks are standard equipment to fill
the bed center. The shaper pan levels and
presses bed to final form. Disks, which rotate,
are ideal to move soil in "clean" fields or field
with some residue.

Fully adjustable
    For exact bed width and bed spacing, bed
width and furrow width are independently
adjustable. "Wide beds" formed with "common
furrows" feature the tractor wheels driving in the
one furrow between the bed tops (top right). 
    Narrow furrows (also top right) maximize the
bed top. This is particularly useful with smaller
tractors or is an ideal guidance system for
precision farming since the furrow is only wide
enough for the tractor tires. Wide furrows
(bottom right) allow easier walking in the field.
    If plastic mulch is applied after shaping beds,
furrow width can affect mulch width or how
mulch edges are buried.
    Beds can be formed with furrows inside the
tractor tires and a "drive-space" in between the
"double furrows".
    For "wide-space" beds, optional row markers
can be used for accurate bed spacing if the
previous furrow or wheel track cannot be

    Furrow shanks with furrowing
wings aggressively cut furrows.
These also loosen compaction
behind tractor wheels. Bed dimen-
sions will be exact. No hollow beds.
No crooked rows. Expect the
straightest and firmest beds every
    A full description of bedding
methods is in the Raised Bed
Handbook, available free on