Covering disks
are conventional for any application. No fussy adjustment. No tricky disk angles. No disk hopping or gouging. With positive depth control, coverage is smooth and consistent.
Covering boards
simply leave a more-level
finish in some applications.
    Finer points in operating mulch layers make
the difference. On flat land, bury mulch 3 or 4
inches deep and let mulch edges lay on bottom
of opening disk cut so soil weight is on the
material. With raised beds, set opening disks to
cut away bed sides and be sure mulch edges reache bottom of furrow (end result shown
previous page). Soil condition permitting, mulch edges can be placed deeper in furrow so beds appear 'wrapped' (photo above). Coordinate
mulch width and bed size.
Close mulch row spacing
    This toolbar design allows gauge wheels and disks to fit in narrow furrows to cover wider beds. On flat-land, how close mulch rows can be depends on how close you can drive the tractor.



Flat land application