Model 1723

l  Category-1 hitch
l  2" square toolbars
l  Adjustable 3 to 4-1/2 ft mulch width
l  For flat-land or raised-beds up to 6" high
l  Easy-loading single mulch roll carriage
l  Opening disks
l  Flat-bottom covering boards
l  Optional covering disks
l  Optional rear shields
  Optional guide disks for hillside operation
l  Optional row markers
l  Special order 5 ft mulch width
l  Drip Tape Applicator attachments

2-Year warranty on workmanship & materials

"Junior" model
for smaller tractors

    Our "Junior" Model 1723 lays plastic straight and tight like our other exceptional layers but offers less features for less cost. Lower-speed roll carriage. Non-floating frame. The narrower, low-riding frame is a good match for compact tractors. Gauge wheels can be front or side-mounted. Tuck wheels float. This model is intended for small farms or plots.
    Flat-bottom covering boards are ideal for flat-land applications (no raised bed), leaving a level finish. Optional covering disk may be preferred with raised bed applications - and recommended with narrow furrows.

Shown with optional covering disks