Rear Gauge Wheels                              Guide Disks                Rear Shields

    Rear Gauge Wheels are optional on 2133 and standard equipment on 2233. This is fully described on previous pages.
    Use Guide Disks to track implements on hillsides. The tractor hitch allows implement to properly follow the tractor. One guide disk each side.
    Rear Shields may be preferred for flat-land or raised-beds up to about 6-in high to keep center of mulch clean. With positive depth control, rear shields are not needed to help "correct" coverage problems.
    Few customers report needing Manual-Operated Row Markers except for flat-land use if the previous wheel track cannot be followed. Not needed for raised beds.
    See Plastic Application Equipment for a full line of add-on Drip Tape Layers.

 Row Markers      
Typical drip tape layer installation