Model 2133

l  Category-1 hitch
l  2" square toolbars
l  Easy-loading single mulch roll carriage
l  Adjustable for 3 to 5-1/2 ft mulch width
l  For flat-land or raised beds up to 8" high
l  14" Opening disks
l  Covering disks
l  Optional flat-bottom covering boards
l  Optional rear gauge wheels
l  Optional rear shields
l  Optional guide disks for hillside operation
l  Optional row markers
l  Special-order 6 ft mulch width
l  Drip Tape Applicator attachments -
                 see Section 7

2-Year warranty on workmanship & materials

Model 233

l  Same as 2133 except --
l  Heavier A-frame Category-1 hitch
l  Quick-hitch compatible
l  Optional tillage shanks

2-Year warranty on workmanship & materials

General-purpose model

      Model 2133 is a versatile, high-performance workhorse with all the popular features for large and small growers alike. High-speed carriage. Rear covering disks. More adjustment for flat-land and raised-bed applications.
    Close row spacing is possible to maximize weed control. Also use for row cover on sweet corn.
    Frame locks to allow floating tuck wheels and apply more machine weight to covering disks. Otherwise frame can float with rear machine weight on locked tuck wheels. Rear gauge wheels are optional for "super floatation" - see previous pages.
    Gauge wheels are front-mounted to fit in narrow bed furrows or can be side-mounted if more stability is needed in rough conditions.

Mulch layer
with tillage attachments

    Model 2333 is the same mulch layer but features a heavier A-frame hitch. Add tillage shanks to loosen wheel compaction. This lays wider mulch or row cover in the wheel track. Also use A-frame hitch with a Category-1 or Category-2 quick hitch. 45 HP rating.  The A-frame hitch can be retro-fitted to 2133.