Versatile for many
bed shaping methods

    Shaping disks (above) are standard equipment to fill beds and are used with conventional field preparation. 

    Equip with S-tines (above) to finish primary beds or cultivate and re-finish beds. Bed shaping time can be more flexible. Reduce overall field work. Finish beds earlier to plant earlier. 

Fully adjustable
    Bed height, bed width and furrow width are independently adjustable. This allows more versatility for different mulch widths and bed row spacing. Set-up narrow furrows to maximize mulch coverage for weed control. Wider furrows allow more room for walking. Narrow furrows are also an ideal guidance system. Large and small tractors with different wheel track widths can be used. Size the bed to precisely fit mulch width.
    The bolt-together design allows endless versatility to customize. Add one or more rows of drip tape applicators, fumigation attachments, fertilizer applicators and more.