Unmatched finish
    Expect the firmest bed and tightest
mulch finish. Furrow shanks and shaping
disks are standard equipment for efficient
shaping action with minimal soil build-up in
front of pan (below). Buckeye bedders
pull much easier and have the best control.

    Furrow shapers are designed to form
an exact bed height - with the bed top and
bed sides firmed. This is essential for
consistency when applying plastic mulch
(below). A full range of Bed Height Pkgs
are available for the bed height you want.

    Mulch covering disks have positive depth control and adjust without hassle (below). No tricky disk angles. No disk hopping or gouging. Coverage consistency is the key to mulch security.

Superior Flotation
    The mulch layer frame hinges behind the bed shaper. Operate with rigid tuck wheels for accurate depth control of covering disks.

    Use rear gauge wheels to transfer mulch layer toolbar weight behind the covering disks. Floating tuck wheels free excess toolbar weight from mulch edges and make mulch rows much easier to start. Rear gauge wheels also press covering soil, which is an added benefit until the next rain fully settles the soil. 
    Ultimately, rear gauge wheels are a personal preference and not essential to operation. Mulch layers have long been used without rear gauge wheels but some brands suffer from poorly applied coverage components. Rear gauge wheels make a mulch layer exceptional.