HEAVY DUTY 80 HP combo - up to 10" bed height

Model 4612-D

    For the grower with heavy-duty equipment in mind, Model 4612-D is our high-rated Category-2 Combo. This features a welded frame with larger 2-1/2" square toolbars. Shaping disks feature rugged tapered bearing hubs for one-pass bedding, even in adverse conditions. A single roll carriage is standard. Optional double carriage with an operator seat is available for high-acre farms with long rows. The versatile toolbar frame allows installation of Drip Tape Applicator(s), Fertilizer Hopper and Fumigation Applicator. 80 HP rating. Expect leading service on big acreage and high tractor power.   

    Form beds from 4-in to 10-in high. The smallest Category-2 tractor can form 6" beds. Minimum 50 HP for 8" beds. Minimum 60 HP for 10" beds. Rear gauge wheels are standard equipment for "super floatation" and superior mulch coverage.

l  For 4" to 10" bed height
l  Adjustable 4 to 5-1/2 ft mulch width
l  Two furrow shanks w/ shear-bolt safety
  Two 16" shaping disks w/ heavy-duty
            tapered bearing hubs
l  Easy-loading mulch roll carriage
l  Rear gauge wheels
l  Optional DOUBLE roll carriage
l  Optional shaper pan poly lining
l  Optional crowned shaper pan
l  Optional guide disks for hillside operation
l  Optional rear shields
l  Optional manual-operated row markers
l  Special order 6-ft mulch width
l  Drip Tape Applicator attachments

2-Year warranty on workmanship & materials