Bedder/layer with tillage attachments

Four furrow shanks
Also available with four disks

Fumigation attachments

Specialty attachments
Bed tillage
    Equip any bed shaper or bedder-layer combo with tillage attachments to cultivate and finish primary beds. Also re-finish beds.
    Save time and fuel by reducing overall field work. Primary beds eliminate field preparation before bed shaping. This is a basic strategy for early planting and growing for early markets. Conventional tillage to first prepare seedbed can take too much time, assuming weather even cooperates. Further, since a lot of field work dries the soil, one bed shaping pass to finish primary beds retains as much soil moisture as possible.
    Featured tillage attachments on the bed shaper are S-tines, which shatter crusty topsoil and kill starting weeds with minimal soil turnover.
    Models 4412-D and 4422-D can be equipped with four furrow shanks if soil is not tilled deep enough. 80 HP Rating. This is not a solution over good field preparation, but functional if appropriate for the soil. Further, these narrow point always pull straight, a vast improvement over plow-style bedders.
    Available fumigation attachments include knives, tank rack and operator seat. Your fumigant supplier can provide appropriate plumbing components for the fumigant used. Fumigation attachments are fully compatible with drip tape layers and other options.