Rear Gauge Wheels are optional on Model 2212-D and standard on Model 4412-D and 4422-D. These transfer toolbar weight behind the covering disks, allow tuck wheels to float and press the covering soil. This is not essential to function since mulch layers can be operated with rigid tuck wheels for positive depth control of covering disks. Rear gauge wheels make a mulch layer exceptional.
    Use a Shaper Pan Poly Lining in sticky soil conditions. Soil may tend to stick with early field work or in heavier soil.
    A Crowned Shaper Pan is available and opinions vary on benefits. Feel free to ask.
    Guide Disks are used for true hillside applications when the tractor and implements clearly side-crawl down the hill. Not needed for slopes. The tractor 3-point hitch "steers" the bedder-layer, which provides the best performance of tractor and implement. One guide disk on each side.
    For appearance purposes only, Rear Shields may be preferred for 4 to 6 inch high beds to simply block soil from landing on the mulch top. Since covering disks have positive depth control, shields should not be needed unless soil condition is clumpy.
      Few customers report needing Manual Operated Row Markers except for wide-spaced rows. Otherwise, the fully adjustable furrow shanks and shaper pan allows perfect tracking in previous furrows.
        See Plastic Application Equipment for a full line of add-on Drip Tape Layers.

Rear Gauge Wheels

Guide Disks                Rear Shields

Row Marker

Typical drip tape layer installation